Problem: 7DSM won't start!

Solution: If you are using Windows XP, Vista or 7 download and install .NET Framework 4.0. Otherwise contact us.


Problem: Nobody can connect to my server.

Solution: Ask someone to ping your IP.
To do that press [windows key]+[R] on his keyboard and type "CMD" in the box. In next window type "ping (your IP address shown by 7DSM)".
Result should be like:


Ping statistics for : (your IP)
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss)

If loss is 100% set your router to pass through connections to your server.
Open your router web interface in your browser.
Most common routers addresses are:,,
Login with your credentials (if you don't know them, try admin/admin, works for most routers on default settings) and look for option like "DMZ Host" or "Exposed host".
Set your server local IP (don't confuse it with external IP shown by 7DSM!) as DMZ host/exposed host. (how to get local network IP? CLICK -instead of "command" in this tutorial use "cmd").


Problem: Server keeps crashing, 7DSM restarts it in a loop.

Solution: Change any value in settings (Max players slider works great for that) to force 7DSM to regenerate serverconfig.xml OR delete serverconfig.xml from game directory.


Problem: I have 7DSM for game version X, but Y is already out, can I use 7DSM with it?

Solution: If there is no release for new game version, use latest available. It usually work without problems.


Problem: I want this function included in 7DSM, can you do it?

Solution: Depends. Post your idea in forum thread. If I like it and it doesn't require hiring dozen of coders for next ten years to get beta version, it may be included.


Problem: I found other bug/problem

Solution: Write an email to me or post it on forum.
As far as I appreciate any hints on typos or grammar mistakes (I'm not a native speaker), please avoid messages like "redesign whole interface".
I'm the only programmer here, and I'm working on 7DSM after hours, so I have enough to do without redesigning it from scratch ;)


Problem: any other problem

Solution: 42